Starting your own business is one of the most powerful and liberating things you can do for yourself, but it is not without its challenges… our goal is to help make the ride a bit easier for you and create a space that helps and supports you along the way.

Why the magic of being small?

Most business books and websites are geared towards businesses that require investment or have great plans for growth and employment. The reality is that 96% of UK businesses are micro businesses and of those sole traders make up 76%.  That’s a lot of microentrepreneurs.

And as any microentrepreneur will tell you, starting a business is not an easy ride.


Starting and building a business when it is just you, is a very different proposition to starting and growing a business when you have partners and finance.

So this site is designed to help you to build and grow your micro business until it sustains and supports you.  

Once you have got to that point, you may decide that you want to grow your business and employ people but we want to help you get the foundations right first.

some interesting stats

Turnerlittle.com scraped data from Company House for insights on business survival rates, in doing so, it discovered roughly 80% of UK companies fail within their first year.  Terrifying!  

Though I’m not quite sure how this tallies up with the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics released in November 2019 only 42.4% of businesses started in 2013 were still trading five years later in 2018.

On the plus side though, in 2019, 68% of sole traders and 72% of microbusinesses declared a profit.

Almost 76% of all businesses in the UK don’t employ another person, meaning that they are the only person working in their business. An additional 20% of businesses employ 1-9 people.

Finally, according to a monthly survey of businesses conducted between Feb 2016 and Jan 2018 by Factworks the biggest challenge faced by 79% of all businesses was attracting new customers.  So in essence, the biggest challenge most micro businesses face is marketing (and luckily that is where we can help you most!)

(I found all of these statistics on this site here).

Create your own job

You may hear people talk about how if you are not leveraging your time, you are creating your own job.   But what I have realised is that creating your own job is pretty damn awesome.    

Why? Because you get to choose! 

You get to decide how you spend your time.

You get to choose who you work with.

You get to choose the kind of work that you do.

And when you figure out the secrets to getting the right customers, you have control over your own life and destiny.  

And I think having the ability to control your life in this way is the true secret of happiness.

Julie Hall

My story

I launched my first micro business, a head hunting agency, in January 2000 and since then I have had my own businesses working as a recruitment consultant, running a boutique web design agency, growing a community of over 20,000 female entrepreneurs and currently run a marketing training company called The School of Marketing while also working as an Associate trainer for Google, Lloyds Bank and In>PD.

I’m going to let you into a secret – I am now officially unemployable…. my hope is that you will feel the same way once you have built your own successful microbusiness.

My wish for you

My wish for you is that you find and embrace your inner microentrepreneur and go out and create your own future, discover how to attract your customers and make a great living doing work you enjoy. 

Choose yourself!

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