In episode 15 of Micro Entrepreneur: the magic of thinking small,< I had an absolute blast speaking with co-founders, Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari of Jing Massage. It’s a double shot of energy as these 2 wonderful ladies have such a strong business model and a powerful business that’s achieved amazing results. And today we’re going to find out how they have been able to dominate their market and give you plenty of tips and advice on how you can too!

This week’s guest

About Jing

Jing was founded in 2003 by directors, Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, who met in New York City while working as massage therapists. Both Rachel and Meghan have extensive experience in teaching, community development and business and between them have more than 30 years experience in the massage industry working as advanced therapists and trainers.

Their aim was to start a revolution in the massage therapy in the UK and provide the type of advanced massage training available in other countries such as the USA.

Ten years on they now offer over 30 CPD courses and several longer advanced postgraduate qualifications including their acclaimed degree level BTEC level 6 in advanced clinical and sports massage. Rachel and Meghan are sought after guest lecturers for institutions such as the International Dermal Institute and the FHT, write regularly for professional trade magazines including Choice Health and Wellbeing, and annually contribute to a large workshop programme at the CAM Expo tradeshow. Their student body is ever growing and expanding and they have trained over three and half thousand students.

What we covered in the show:

We started out by talking about how Jing came about and then moved on to cover:

  • How they built their Institute by building out from workshops and courses (starting in their own home!)
  • How they wrote their own degree level course
  • How they ‘created’ their own market by being ahead of the curve
  • Why passion and joy are part of their business model
  • Why they work in collaboration to create a bigger pie to share and work with other like-minded people
  • How they had a vision not a plan
  • How they built customer delight one step at a time
  • How they went where they were invited and grew their network and always showed up, with energy!
  • How organic demand grew their business
  • Why quality always comes first!
  • How they learned to manage change
  • How they built their business within their means without being owned by investors
  • How they kept income coming in whilst they were building their business
  • Why investing in yourself is important – “Jing built Jing”
  • Why they are more ‘inspired’ ten years on than they were in the beginning
  • How they honour how much their students give up, in order to study with them
  • How the web is intrinsically a ‘female’ business model
  • Why passion is your USP

Useful links

Jing Website

Great Quote

“We’ve both always been really interested in working with people (especially from disadvantaged backgrounds) so the next step into a business was quite a natural progression because we’d already been doing the work out in the community anyway…”

“How do you dominate a market”… For women it’s all about being passionate about what you do!”

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