Anyone who has created a blog or plans for it to be successful, knows that it needs to be seen. One of the main ways that people get traffic to their WordPress blog is through search engines and if your blog is buried ten pages deep when someone searches for your topic, it’s not going to be seen very much. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibilty of your blog by making it appear at a high-ranking on search engines, ideally on the very first page of potential readers’ search results.

Below are some tried and true methods for increasing your WordPress blog’s SERP ( Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

1. Don’t fall prey to bad SEO tips

  • There are countless places on the internet for you to get advice about SEO and some are great, while others won’t just have you doing extra work that you don’t need to do, but actually make it harder for you to increase your SERP ranking.
    You don’t need to add numerous plugins to your blog to make the bots take notice. WordPress already optimizes most of the things for you.
  • Do not add more tags and categories to your posts thinking it increases their chances of being seen. If there are too many, it actually keeps you from being seen in some places like WordPress’ Reader Topics pages. A few, specific, and topic-related tags are best.
  • Keyword Stuffing, or over-using search terms related to your topic will actually hurt your blog more than help it, no matter what some people might try to tell you. Writing clearly and naturally while using accurate topic-related vocabulary will give you the best results.

When it comes down to it, you don’t have to be an SEO genius to have a great SERP ranking. Generally, what makes the most sense is going to work best. Still, there are some good tips for increasing your blog’s visibility.

2. Put yourself in your readers’ place

If you were searching for information on your topic, consider the kinds of things that you might actually type into the search box (there’s a tool for that too!). Those are the kinds of things that you want to be using as titles for your posts rather than convoluted titles or impressive sounding words that most people don’t use. Also consider what you might actually click on, what would keep your attention, and what would make you want to keep coming back to a blog for more.

3. Post regular content

This one seems incredibly simple, but is often overlooked. A few good articles aren’t going to do you much good if your blog hasn’t been updated in six months. Post at regular intervals and make sure that you always have some kind of recent content on your blog. Not only does this mean that your blog is seen by the search engine bots more often, but it’s also going to show people there is a reason to come back again soon to see what else you’ve posted.

4. Promote yourself… Be smart

Another seemingly silly one, but an important one. You don’t want to spam the internet or your family and friends with your blog, but you do want to make sure that your name is out there. Tell friends and family, then promote your blog on social media websites. Find other similar blogs and post useful comments. Be there to interact and add value and you’ll see random bloggers referencing you! Find groups related to your topic and make sure you have a link to your blog on your profile. Link to other related blogs and posts. This kind of promotion is certain to give you a strong foothold on the search engines.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do to optimize your blog’s visibility is to just write creative, consistent content. Focus on your writing, make small changes to promote yourself, and you will find your blog moving up in those SERP rankings.

Do you have some great SEO optimization tips? Examples of terrible ones you’ve seen? Post them in the comments!

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