As I run a design agency, I regularly see that people coming to us feel nervous about how much their website is going to cost. Cost is a factor but if you get your website right – you will earn your money back. Oh yeah – you have to have a great business and a top notch service for your customer’s clients too, but let’s take that as a given!

I’ve put below some tips to ensure that whatever your business, you really are making the most of your website.

The purpose of most business websites is:

  • To help your potential customers make a decision to buy your product or services
  • To make existing clients, investors, partners and staff feel they have made a good decision by investing their time and money on your business

So you therefore need to ensure your website does the following:

  • Informs clients and stakeholders about what you do
  • Show why you are a good choice for them to spend their money on
  • Build trust and credibility

With the above in mind, remember

Setting the right intention is the source of a successful plan

Here’s how to make your website more powerful as a tool to impress your potential clients, and reassure those who are looking at your business online.

Go with the best quality design you can afford

To me this is obvious, but many people think they need to have as big a website as possible for the money. Instead, make each page count. Your site can be small and succinct and this will actually serve you better.

Copy is as important as design

Be aware of your own copywriting skills. A lot of people prefer to write their own copy to save on the cost of paying a professional copywriter. But a good copywriter could save you time, make your website far more “to the point” and would take into account the unique ways people consume information online.

Keep your structure simple

Many people think they need to write all the website text out to ensure the information is there.  But keeping the website simple also means planning it properly ahead of time.

When we design websites we advise people not to write ALL the content out ahead of time but rather to outline the sections and main key points you want to communicate within each page. Once you have done that you will be able to have your website designed with the right purpose in mind.

As soon as possible add a blog

You can use your blog for these 3 things

  • Teaching your audience about your subject of expertise
  • Interviews and guest blog posts
  • Telling stories

These, if written well, will help reinforce your expertise in your niche, build credibility and make your website a destination people will go to again and again. Your blog will allow people to get to know you better and feel they can trust you more.

Integrate your website with your social media and your social media with your website

It’s quite common for people to have set up their website before they’ve become used to using various social media channels. Or for them to have been experimenting on the channels, but are not confident enough to include their website address within their social media bio. But beyond the basic links, you can have further integration; exciting things like Facebook commenting, Twitter feeds and embedded YouTube videos. If you’re doing a great job on social media make sure it’s visible on your website too!

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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